"u n C U T " - installation on identity, sexuality & gender

"unCUT" is dance-theatre video-installation & website on sexuality, gender and masculinity. It revolves around 3 triplates with different sexual identities:

a) the terms masculinity and manhood are discussed by the dancer Joshua, a danish homosexual man;
b) the meaning of normality, beauty and love are reflected in the life of the actress, singer & queer-activist Eva, a sophisticated danish transsexual woman (on the picture above & video below);
c) male values and norms are mirrored in David’s actions, a busy modern danish hegemonic-heterosexual man.
Apart from these aspects the soundtrack gives voice to real people that L-O-B-O has met and interviewed in whole Scandinavia including expert-academicians in the fiels of gender and identity.

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Since its presentation in the United States in 2003 as a work-in progress that "unCUT" has not been shown outside Denmark.

In its new 2010 version, the installation has been reduced from 3 to 1 screen;
It's also been shortened in length from 96 to 72min;
It's now fully subtitled in english;

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The event is open to everyone:

. THURSDAY, 11/02, 21:00h
[ 21:00, INTRODUCTION to the installation by the artist ]
[ 21:30/23:00, SKYPE-DEBATE* 21:30/23:00 ]
[ 23:00/02:00, Times Are A-Changing-LGBT PARTY ]

. FRIDAY, 12/02, 22:00h
[ PREMIÈRE: the video-installation is shown in its full-length ]

Saturday, 13/02, 22h
Monday, 15/02, 22h.
Tuesday, 16/02, 22h.
Wednesday, 24/02, 22h.
Thursday, 25/02, 22h.
Friday, 05/03, 22h.
Saturday, 06/03, 22h.

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Find the cultural-café 'acercadanoite' in Almada/Lisbon (Portugal) at:

HOW TO GET TO acercadanoite:

Rua da Cerca nr.1, Almada Velha - Almada, PORTUGAL

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On Thursday 11th February between 21:30/23:00 (Lisbon-time) a Skype-debate on the issues of identity, sexuality and gender with well-known danish and portuguese guests will be held at 'acercadanoite'!

- MIGUEL VALE DE ALMEIDA, social-anthropologist, parlamentarian -PS- Socialist Party;
- HELENA MOURA-PINTO, parlamentarian Bloco de Esquerda;
- RAQUEL FREIRE, Pantera Rosa representative, film-director;
- [ to be confirmed ] ...a representative of ILGA-Portugal;

Skype-debate moderator:
- REINHARD NAUMANN, Sociologist;

- PIA NIELSEN & KARIN TASTRUP, Transdebat & Gender Identity Association;
- MARIE-LOUISE HOLM, University of Roskilde + Network for Masculinities Studies;
- JØRGEN CALLESEN, curator of Warehouse 9, a space for contemporary art, music, poetry and performance with a direct link to the international queer community in Copenhagen;
- [ to be confirmed ] ...a representative of LGBT-Danmark