The queertopia festival

Love beyond the norm!

The Queertopia Festival will live up to all the utopian dreams that you've ever had. The 22-25th of July 2010, we will create a queer feminist utopian version of Woodstock. Europe's first queer festival with camping.
The Queertopia Festival will land at the festival area in Norberg and all hell will break loose. For Queertopia is the revolution. No, Queertopia is it what begins after the revolution. After we take over and blow away all the oppressive norms only ”true love” will survive, the love that is beyond the norms!
The Queertopia Festival offers you the leading artists of the queer feminist utopia, with lyrics beyond what the cartoonist Nanna Johansson jokes about in her comic: I have a penis and you have a vagina, we were meant to beeeee for eternityyyyyy.
The Queertopia Festival is the activist festival you’ve always dreamed of, with exchanges with LGBTQ persons in Bosnia and Lithuania, where the LGBTQ-struggle is experiencing a backlash and LGBT-people basically have no rights. Where proceeds don’t go to a capitalist corporation or financial men's wallets, but to queer movements in countries where homosexuality is now prohibited. In Queertopia only vegetarian and vegan food will be served. We will not force advertisements upon you, but only provide opportunities to become active in autonomous networks and solidarity organizations that are at the festival with info tents and seminars to inform you about their activities and how you can become active.

Queertopia dances to the beat of the revolution!

Queertopia is an alternative to the homophobic and sexist heckling that often occurs at mainstream festivales campsites. At mainstreamfestivale one sometimes get the feeling of being "the only gay in the village", they are occupied by heterosexual norm. Queertopia ends the heteronormative occupation directly and instead proposes occupying empty houses, so that everybody can have a home.
The queertopia festival will show that norms can and will be abolished. Another world is possible and the 22-25 July 2010, we create our own utopia, and then we head out and spread it out to the rest of the world. Because we can, because we want to and we dare to. Queertopia destroys the whole fucking shithouse and build something beautiful and fragrant in its place.
For Queertopia is an army of loving queers in all the colors of the rainbow. A festival in which all people with a queer approach are welcome, regardless of gender or sexuality. But all are welcome to blow their own borders. We encourage norm-breaking. Queertopia knows that spaghetti is straight until cooked. Fuck your gender, we’re all born naked the rest is just drag - queertopia is a utopia, a freezone from norms. The male norm, heterosexual norm, the standard white, middle-class norm (we will keep prices as low as possible), middle age norm and more. Young and old, who says that festivals are not for people over 25?
The Queertopia Festival is a world where we are seen as people. Not genders. As human beings. Not heterosexual or homosexual. As human beings. Not white or black. Queertopia aims high and does not want something SO-SO, when we can break every damn oppressive structure and standard! Queertopia is not content with the best that the unequal society can give us, when there is so much more we can do. We all bear a world of possibilities within us. An Army of Lovers Can not Lose!

See you on the 22-25th of July in Norberg!