Call For Submissions-Celebrating Queer Youth

What does/did it feel like to be young, queer and YOU?

In honor of Queer Youth Empowerment Month in October, Coalition for Queer Youth is launching a living exhibition titled "Testimony" that tells the story of what it's like to be young and queer, in the unique voices of those who live/d it.

Using any artistic medium (poetry, painting, song, video, etc.), LGBTQ-identified young people AND adults are invited to create a piece that expresses their personal experience and/or perspective on life as a queer youth. Submissions will be displayed in public spaces and an online gallery, serving as a living, ongoing tribute to the rich culture of strength, beauty and brilliance LGBTQ-young people possess.

This project is:

An opportunity to be Heard
a conversation
a chance to create
a documentation of past and present
a place to connect
a vehicle for healing
a platform for education
a love letter to those we've lost
a way to build support
An act of Unity

*To have your piece included in our launch at October's Queer Youth
Empowerment event and online gallery, please plan
to submit it by September 30, 2011.

*Need more time? No problem! WE WILL ALSO BE ACCEPTING WORK
ON AN ONOING BASIS to be exhibited in our online gallery and future
public space exhibitions.

*Submissions DO NOT need to be unique to this project. If you've
created something before that truly represents 'queer youth' to you,
we'd love to see it shine here too!

*All submissions will be reviewed by members of the Coalition prior to
approval for exhibition. Please send your piece or a detailed description
(including images/dimensions), your current age, along with any artist
information you'd like to share about you or the work via email to

For more information, questions, interest in collaboration or
offerings of support please contact us at the email address above! ☺


Coalition for Queer Youth is a partnership between young people, service providers, activists and allies dedicated to using creative forms of education, advocacy and empowerment to increase community support for LGBTQ youth.

From Coalition for Queer Youth